• chevron_rightBonus Time and how it works:
    ** Reservations may be made only 28 days prior to your desired occupancy.
    ** Reservations are subject to pre-emption by a reservation made by an owner who has not used or reserved his or her use period.  No bonus time use will be pre-empted on less than 48 hours notice.
    ** Bonus time reservation will be honored on a first-come, first-served basis.
    ** Bonus time use will be subject to a nightly charge at the current prevailing rates.  Contact the office for the current rates.
  • chevron_rightCondos are furnished with:
    ** Full kitchen and a wide variety of cooking utensils and equipment.
    ** Two (2) full bathrooms, hair dryers, towels and bath soap.
    ** Master Bedroom (King) - Guest Bedroom (Two Doubles); No Sofa Sleeper in L.Room.
    ** All Bedrooms have a TV.
    ** Living Room has a 40" HD TV.
    ** Washer and Dryer (detergent included).
    ** Dishwasher
    ** Approx. 1,600 sq. ft. of living space.
    ** All bed linens.
    ** DVD in living room.
    ** Access to Free Wi-Fi in all units. Also available in the Pool area.
  • chevron_rightFines for Rules Infractions
    * Any Animal (s) - $100 per occurrence.
    * Condo left in an unreasonable / untidy condition - $100 - $200.
    * Any evidence of smoking or smoke odor within the unit - $200.
    * No Late Check-Out permitted.  Strictly enforced.
  • chevron_rightHow long has Casitas del Monte been a timeshare?
    The complex was built in 1979.
  • chevron_rightI'm thinking about depositing my week with an Exchange Co.
    Some Helpful Tips are:
    Deposit as soon as you can. Trading Power—the value assigned to your deposited vacation week—is based on many factors you cannot control: the demand for your resort and region during the season you own; the size and configuration of your unit and comment card ratings for your resort. But there is one factor you do control: when you deposit.  Deposit EARLY !
    Request early. The sooner you request an exchange, the more opportunities your Exchange Co. has to make a great match. You can request an Exchange Vacation as much as one to two years before the check-in date.
    Be flexible. Often there is more than one place that offers the vacation experience you’re seeking. If you’re not getting exactly the place you requested, ask your Exchange Representative for suggestions of other places that provide similar activities and settings.
  • chevron_rightIs the swimming pool heated?
    * The pool is kept at a constant temperature of 85 degrees daily.  During the summer months, the pool temperature can rise to 92 degrees as a result of daytime heating.  The Hottub is kept at a constant temperature of 102 degrees.
  • chevron_rightMay I roll my week over to the following year if I'm unable to use it in any given year?
    Unfortunately, Owners may NOT roll (use) their week the following year.  They may let others use their week if they want. 
  • chevron_rightOccupancy:
    ** Maximum number of persons per unit is restricted to 6 total.  (STRICTLY ENFORCED)
    ** Babies and small children each count as a person.
    ** Children and guests under the age of 21 staying at Casitas del Monte must be accompanied by an adult.
    ** Absolutely NO pets of any kind are allowed.
  • chevron_rightParking at Casitas del Monte
    ** There is an assigned covered parking stall for each unit.
    ** Guests are to park either on the street or in the main parking lot, facing the mountains.
  • chevron_rightWhen using the BBQ grills:
    ** Please use caution when igniting the grill.
    ** Do not leave the BBQ grill unattended at any time.
    ** When finished, please clean the grill grates as best as possible with the wire brush.