Best Pool Games for Kids

It’s summer and it is already so hot outside! You are ready to enjoy some much needed poolside relaxation during your vacation. To protect yourself from bored kiddos at the pool, here are 5 fun pool games for children!


1. Sharks and Minnows: This is the pool version of tag. One child is a shark and they stand in the center of the pool. The rest of the players are minnows. When the shark says “go” the minnows jump in and try to pass the shark without getting tagged.


2. Marco Polo: This is a pool version of hide and go seek. One swimmer has their eyes closed and they say Marco and the other players (whose eyes are opened) say “polo”. The seeking swimmer searches for their targets by using their ears to locate the other players. Similarly, you can try Dolphin too which is Marco Polo Animal Style.  One player says, “Dolphin” and the other players answer back with their best porpoise impressions.




3. Diving for Treasure: This is a classic dive game.  Take some coinage and toss it into the pool. And the players can take turns diving for their treasure. Please note: this might not be the best game however if the pool is overly crowded.



4. A floatie Race: this one is pretty self-explanatory. Everyone gets a pool toy and race end to end, see who wins!



5. Quiz Jump: This one is like mother may I with a twist. One player is the “quizmaster”. They get to ask a simple question while the other players are jumping in the water. Whoever can answer the question before they hit the water gets a point. For example: “What is your favorite color,” “Who is on the one-dollar bill,” “What color is grass”? These questions can get harder based on the ages and speediness of the players.



Come, relax, and cool down poolside while the weather heats up! Stay with us at Casitas del Monte and enjoy a summer vacation!


*Above all, take proper precautions while you are at the pool. Safety is of number one importance. There are no lifeguards at the pool and parents are responsible for their children at all times. In addition, however, we want everyone to have a wonderful and relaxing time cooling off.