Open Air Red Jeep Tour

This time of year is perfect to explore all the exciting outdoor adventures in Palm Springs. For those thrill seekers, we have the perfect adventure for you. Open Air Jeep Tours are the number one ranked outdoor activity in the California desert. This tour offers a unique experience to explore the Greater Palm Springs area from a whole new perspective!

A red jeep on sandy beach and beuatiful blue sunny sky view in summer time.

There are quite a few tour options for you and your group to choose from when it comes to open air Jeep tours. The first one being the San Andreas Fault Jeep Tour, which is the best seller. Explore the San Andreas Fault Zone in a classic open air red Jeep, where you can learn about the plants, animals, geology, and history of the desert. You can also take a walk through a slot canyon created by plate tectonics and enjoy the amazing views as your guide describes the forces and history of the area.

Another tour option available to guests is the Indian Canyons Walking Tour by Jeep. This tour still includes an open air Jeep tour, but is primarily a walking tour so make sure you are equipped to handle this type of tour. Guests can expect to walk at least a mile in uneven terrain and easily get in and out of the Jeep, so plan accordingly. The journey of this tour takes place on the ancestral homeland of Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians where you can see stunning rock formations. Your guide will entertain you with stories about the culture, lifestyle, and beliefs of the Cahuilla Indians. You can also enjoy a short walk to the hidden water cave!

The next Jeep tour option available is the Painted Canyon Jeep Tour, which features sheer canyon walls, scenic vistas, abundant desert flora, geology, and amazing hiking options. This 4×4 back-country adventure will explore the agriculture of the area. Depending on the time of year, you can even see fields of artichokes, cauliflower, bell peppers, dates, grapes, citrus and more. You will journey to the unbelievable Painted Canyon, a billion-year-old rainbow colored mineral canyon that will tower above you. Also note that the on-road journey of this tour takes about 60 minutes each way, so you will spend a good amount of time on foot exploring the canyon with a total tour length of 4 hours.

A scenic view of Painted Canyon Ladder Hike Trail in Palm Springs

There are also walking tours available through their website, if the Jeep tour does not fit your needs. So explore the website and tour options, and be sure to book your stay at Casitas del Monte today!